Live Streaming Ingest Checklist
06/22/20June 22, 2020(3 months ago)
8 min read

Traversing the First Mile: Considerations for Live Streaming Ingest

James Williamsby James Williams
Regardless of how you choose to do it, getting your video into a platform requires consideration. But what should you consider to ingest live video well? Here’s our top 3 areas for consideration.
film projector images
06/16/20June 16, 2020(3 months ago)
12 min read

Building TikTok: Smooth scrolling on iOS

Nidhi Kulkarniby Nidhi Kulkarni
In this post Nidhi builds a TikTok-like application on iOS. She handles user uploaded videos, merging video content with AVMutableComposition and creating a smooth scrolling with AVDisplayKit.
Old timey cash machine
05/19/20May 19, 2020(4 months ago)
10 min read

6 Ways to Monetize Video

Matt Tosiby Matt Tosi
After hundreds of conversations on how to best monetize video, we wrote a post that covers some of the top monetization strategies to build a profitable business around video.
from russia with love
05/13/20May 13, 2020(4 months ago)
12 min read

From Russia With Love: How ClickHouse Saved our Data

Kevin Kingby Kevin King
The Mux Data platform is used by some of the biggest broadcasters to monitor the video streaming experience of their end users. Think of it like Google Analytics or New Relic for video playback. It's ...
Real-Time Dashboard API
05/11/20May 11, 2020(4 months ago)
5 min read

Access to all your data via the Real-Time Dashboard API

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
We know a single interface is an important part of customers’ monitoring infrastructure so we wanted to make it easy to use existing tools but still have access to the low-latency, real-time metrics.
Reporting Flexibility with New Advanced Filtering
05/11/20May 11, 2020(4 months ago)
4 min read

Reporting Flexibility with New Advanced Filtering

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
With advanced filtering, Mux Data has the reporting flexibility to match the complexity of the issues you're trying to resolve.
Video observability
05/07/20May 7, 2020(4 months ago)
7 min read

What is Video Observability?

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
An observable system allows the operator to infer the functioning of a system with just knowledge of its outputs. “Video Observability” describes the monitoring of complex video streaming platforms.
David Byrne dancing
05/04/20May 4, 2020(4 months ago)
14 min read

Let's just design our own corporate blog

Steven Striegelby Steven Striegel
At Mux we spend a significant amount of effort writing blog posts. We had been dissatisfied with our blog situation for far too long and we finally decided just to design and develop our own.
Best Places to Work 2020
05/04/20May 4, 2020(4 months ago)
4 min read

Mux named one of the Best Places to Work

Becca Axvigby Becca Axvig
Mux has been named among the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2020. See why.
Secret Santa at Mux
04/30/20April 30, 2020(4 months ago)
4 min read

Actually, now is the time to join Mux

Jon Dahlby Jon Dahl
A year ago, I wrote a blog post called Now is the right time to join Mux . I want to apologize for that blog post. In it, I asserted that April of 2019 was the right time to join Mux. It turns out I ...
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