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Viewers today expect a broadcast-quality experience but slow load times, rebuffering, and playback failures still disappoint. With the Mux quality of experience data you can improve your video streaming and exceed viewer expectations.

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Get answers about video performance.

Monitor the four key dimensions of video QoS: playback failures, startup time, rebuffering, and video quality.

See what’s happening (before users do).

Get alerts when something goes wrong, and use our powerful dashboard to dig deeper.

Understand every single view.

Track playback down to the individual user level, so your team can know exactly what’s going on.

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Track the metrics that matter to your viewers.

Our meticulously designed metrics and powerful filtering tools help you dig deep into what your users are really seeing, around the world and across devices.

See all supported metrics, dimensions, and devices

Understand your performance at a glance.

Our industry-first viewer experience scores quickly summarize your video platform's performance, from day to day and week to week.

Know exactly what a viewer experienced.

Track video playback down to the individual view level, so your engineering and support can know exactly what’s happening on every user’s device and debug more effectively.

Evaluate technology using real data.

Pick the player, CDN, ad server, and other services that performs best for your specific platform, through A/B testing and performance monitoring.

Spend your time and money where it counts.

With our Impact Sorting, you can quickly learn which browsers, devices, regions, CDNs, players, ads and videos are creating the most problems for your viewers, and watch as your efforts make users happier.

Real-Time Streaming Dashboard

See your critical metrics in one real-time dashboard. Respond to major streaming issues before your support team is overwhelmed.

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Real-Time Dashboard

Technical specs

Metrics tracked

  • Playback Success Score
  • Playback Failure Percentage
  • Startup Time Score
  • Video Startup Time
  • Player Startup Time
  • Page Load Time
  • Aggregate Startup Time
  • Seek Latency
  • Exits Before Video Start
  • Preroll Request Time
  • Preroll Load Time
  • Requests for First Preroll
  • Smoothness Score
  • Rebuffer Percentage
  • Rebuffer Frequency
  • Rebuffer Duration
  • Rebuffer Count
  • Video Quality Score
  • Upscale Percentage
  • Downscale Percentage
  • Max Upscale Percentage
  • Max Downscale Percentage
  • Request Throughput
  • Request Latency
  • Max Request Latency

Filters available

  • Device
  • Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Operating System
  • OS Version
  • Device Name
  • Device Category
  • Device Brand
  • Remote Played?
  • View
  • Viewer ID
  • Error Code
  • Exited Before Video Start?
  • Player
  • Player Name
  • Player Version
  • Player Software
  • Mux Plugin
  • Mux Plugin Version
  • Autoplay?
  • Preload?
  • Geography
  • Continent
  • Country
  • Region/State
  • Video
  • Video Title
  • Video ID
  • Video Series
  • Stream
  • Source Type
  • Stream Type
  • Sub Property ID
  • Encoding Variant
  • Experiment Name
  • Network
  • ASN
  • CDN
  • Source Hostname
  • Connection Type
  • View Session ID
  • Advertising
  • Preroll Ad Asset Hostname
  • Preroll Ad Tag Hostname
  • Sub Property ID
  • Preroll Requested?
  • Preroll Played?

Video players supported

  • Web
  • Generic HTML5
  • Video.js
  • Hls.js
  • Dash.js
  • Shaka Player
  • Brightcove (5.x and 6.x)
  • Azure Media Player
  • JW Player (7 and 8)
  • Bitmovin Player (5.x, 6.x, and 7.x)
  • Ooyala Player (V4)
  • THEOplayer (2.x)
  • Flowplayer (7.x)
  • Comcast Technology Solutions/thePlatform PDK (5 & 6)
  • Akamai Media Player
  • Mobile
  • Apple iOS (8+)
  • Android/ExoPlayer (v2)
  • Android MediaPlayer
  • Brightcove Player SDK for Android
  • Brightcove Player SDK for iOS
  • OTT
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV tvOS (9+)
  • Fire TV
  • Samsung Tizen
  • LG WebOS

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Data Retentiondown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
The number of days in the past you can view data for your account.
8 Days30 Days90+ Days
Performance Metricsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
All of our viewer experience measurements, including Playback Failures, Video Startup Time, Viewer Experience Scores, and more.
Error Trackingdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
See the specific errors that are causing playback failures and understand where they’re happening the most.
Inspect Individual Video Viewsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
See all the details of individual video plays including the player events that occurred and additional environment variables.
Web & Mobile Native SDKsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Includes all of our web player integrations as well as our native iOS and Android SDKs.
Advanced Dimensionsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Includes ASN, Browser Version, Experiment Name, OS Version, Player Name, Player Version and Video Series.
Alertingdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Get notified when anomalies happen including spikes in errors and drops in watch time.
Industry Benchmarksdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Compare your metrics against other Mux customers to help understand where you have the biggest potential for improvement.
Subscriber ID Trackingdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
See the recent history of video views of an individual subscriber and provide better customer support.
API Accessdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Use the API to pull Mux metrics into your own systems
API + Exports
Filteringdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
In the Mux UI, narrow the scope of the data to pinpoint issues that may be the result of a combination of dimensions. For example Live Video in Australia.
1-level Filtering4-level Filtering
Real-Time Dashboarddown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
The Real-Time Dashboard helps diagnose issues with at-a-glance trends and in-depth metrics.
Threshold Alertingdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Get notified based on limits you set and we'll send an alert when a metric crosses the configured threshold.
Ad Metricsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
See the impact of ads on your viewer experience. Compare the performance of different ad servers.
OTT SDKsdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Includes Mux Software Development Kits built specifically for Over the top (OTT) platforms.
Phone & Chat Supportdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Chat privately in real-time with our support team. Available during San Francisco and London work hours.
Invoicing Availabledown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Pay via check or wire.
Annual Audit Reportdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Annual Data Assessment
Real-Time Data Stream Export for CDN Switching Servicesdown-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Export QoE data in real-time to CDN Switching Services to help route traffic around congestion and outages.
Service-level Agreements (SLAs)down-carrotCreated with Sketch.down-carrotCreated with Sketch.
Uptime and data access SLAs available. Contact us for details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the free trial?

The 14-day free trial gives you all of the features of the Pro plan and unlimited video views.

How do I get set up?

Integration is easy. Just sign up and follow the instructions in our docs or watch the video.

How do I get support?

Our engineers provide hands-on support via email and chat for everyone. We offer Support packages with Slack and phone support.

What happens when my free trial expires?

If during the trial you chose a plan and entered your billing information, your account will automatically roll into your new plan at the end of the 14 days. Otherwise you will need to add billing information and select a plan to continue.

Start seeing data in minutes

Start your two week free trial of Mux Data Pro.