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Includes all resolutions up to HD 1080p and all frame rates up to 30fps.

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Video Stored

Mux ingests a video and stores a high-quality, compressed version that’s ready to be streamed in seconds.


Per minute of video duration stored monthly

Discounted volume pricing for over 60,000 minutes per month
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One-time optimization charge per video
Video files

Optimizing the quality and file size for streaming and storage.


of video duration

Live video

RTMP streaming input


of stream duration

Video Streamed

Mux continually creates optimized versions of a video for different devices and connection speeds to provide the best possible viewer experience.


Per minute of video duration streamed to a device

Discounted volume pricing for over 600,000 minutes per month
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Mux Data: Included

Mux Data is included by default and monitoring of Mux Video streams is always free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in "Video Stored?"

Video Stored includes the ingest of video, audio, and caption data from anywhere in the world; durable cloud storage; transcoding or transmuxing to normalize inputs; metadata; thumbnail and storyboard creation; and dashboard and API access.

What is included in "Video Streamed?"

Video Streamed includes multi-bitrate ABR encoding; delivery over HTTP-based streaming formats like HLS; delivery of thumbnails and storyboards; and delivery via one or more CDNs.

Do Stored and Streamed charges have a one-minute minimum?

No - you pay for the exact number of seconds of video stored or streamed.

How is Video Streamed calculated?

We measure the number of seconds of video delivered to a video player. Note that if a segment of video is delivered, it is charged, even if the viewer doesn’t actually watch the video. For example, if a video player buffers 20 seconds of video ahead of the player, Mux Video still has to deliver those 20 seconds regardless of whether they are watched, and so those seconds are charged.

Do I pay for every quality/bitrate that is delivered?

No - if you ingest a two minute video, you pay for two minutes, even if Mux Video delivers that same video in 8 different formats or qualities.

How does Mux Data fit in?

Mux Data analytics is included for free for every Mux Video stream. Just integrate Mux Data into your video player and get QoE data for your video streaming.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer hands-on support from Mux engineers via email and Slack. 24-hour phone support is available for enterprise customers.

Do you store my original file?

No - customers generally prefer to own their original files, so instead we store a visually lossless mezzanine.

Can I bring my own CDN?

Not at this point. Mux Video delivers across multiple CDNs with routing optimized by data, and we think the integrated system is valuable. If you need to bring your own CDN for some reason, we’d be interested in understanding your use-case.

Is there a Free plan?

Every account starts with $20 of free credits to get you started. And if you use less than $5 in a month, we won’t charge you.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on Video Streamed for approved non-profit customers. Get in touch to find out more.

Are thumbnails free?

Yes - you can create up to 30 thumbnails from any video for free using the Thumbnail API.

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