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01/18/21January 18, 2021(a day ago)
9 min read

Using the Data API to create custom visualizations

Olivia Smithby Olivia Smith
Mux Data tracks key insights about your videos. Learn how to make graphs using data from the Mux Data API and present these insights in a React application.
Why video is awesome
01/13/21January 13, 2021(6 days ago)
5 min read

Why video is awesome

Jon Dahlby Jon Dahl
I'll admit it: I'm a video nerd. I’ve worked on video for a long time, since I first hacked together a Ruby library that wrapped ffmpeg into a basic transcoder, 12 (!) years ago. RIP, rvideo . Of cou ...
MP4 vs. fMP4
01/11/21January 11, 2021(8 days ago)
6 min read

A Beginner's Guide to Video File Formats: MP4s

Philip Changby Philip Chang
One of my first projects as an engineer at Mux was to add a bit of validation logic to stream.new to block uploads of videos with extremely long durations (1+ hours). stream.new is a simple web appl ...
A photo of an Android phone live streaming a cactus.
01/05/21January 5, 2021(14 days ago)
4 min read

Go live reliably from mobile with our updated Android and iOS examples

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Phil announces updates to the Mux examples for live streaming from iOS and Android.
Mux in 2020: a (very strange) year-end review
12/21/20December 21, 2020(a month ago)
3 min read

Mux in 2020: a (very strange) year-end review

Jon Dahlby Jon Dahl
I know it’s a cliche, but: wow, what a year. "Hope you're staying positive and testing negative," as we've all written in about 75,000 emails. A lot happened in 2020 at Mux. Here are some highlights. ...
TV Remote with Lang and Subtitle Buttons
12/18/20December 18, 2020(a month ago)
2 min read

Subtitles by DEFAULT

Justin Greerby Justin Greer
Mux now supports setting the DEFAULT flag so you can enable captions on autoplaying video that is muted.
Program Date Time: Open Beta Launch!
12/17/20December 17, 2020(a month ago)
2 min read

Program Date Time: Open Beta Launch!

Ashok Lalwaniby Ashok Lalwani
Have you ever wondered how you can synchronize video playback with other components on your webpage? Or better yet, created a watch party with viewers playing the same live stream? Wonder no more -- ...
Keyboard synthesizer with patch cables
12/16/20December 16, 2020(a month ago)
10 min read

Kafka Connect: The Magic Behind Mux Data Realtime Exports

Scott Kidderby Scott Kidder
Kafka Connect is a powerful tool for moving data in and out of Apache Kafka clusters. Learn how Mux uses Kafka Connect to power real-time exports, as well as lessons we've developed along the way.
Live streaming with React Native
12/08/20December 8, 2020(a month ago)
5 min read

Live streaming with React Native

Erik Peñaby Erik Peña
So... You've decided to introduce mobile live streaming to your React Native app. This is wonderful and if you are using Mux this is especially great because getting set up and running is extremely ...
12/04/20December 4, 2020(a month ago)
5 min read

Reconnect Windows and Clean Stream Exits

Ed Roppleby Ed Ropple
The Internet is not always the most reliable thing in the world, and live streaming inherits a lot of that. When running a live event, production teams often have to take into account the vagaries of ...
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