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Ed's "I am a software developer and also a video producer" desk setup. It has never been orderly, not once.
10/13/20October 13, 2020(13 days ago)
16 min read

Zoom Like You Mean It, Pt. I: Audio Gear

Ed Roppleby Ed Ropple
Breaking news: working during COVID has been weird. For folks like yours truly who are holding down an office job, this means a lot of time in the teleconference mines. On one hand, some people (hi) ...
Threshold Alerting Blog
10/08/20October 8, 2020(18 days ago)
5 min read

Monitor Viewer Experience Problems with new Customizable Alerts

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
When Mux adds new features to any of its products, we try hard to make sure that the feature is easy to use and valuable by default. This led us to develop our existing anomaly-detection-based alerti ...
Mux + Strapi.io
10/07/20October 7, 2020(19 days ago)
4 min read

New Integration Announcement: Strapi CMS

Erik Peñaby Erik Peña
Enabling upload of video content to Mux through Strapi CMS so that custom collection types can be tied to assets for a holistic metadata model.
stream.new logo
10/01/20October 1, 2020(25 days ago)
4 min read

stream.new: Add a video. Get a sharable link to stream it.

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
stream.new: Add a video. Get a sharable link to stream it. Read about this new free and open source project built and powered by Mux.
Mux OneGraph GraphQL
09/25/20September 25, 2020(a month ago)
3 min read

Mux API: With GraphQL Powered by OneGraph

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Mux Video API can now be used with GraphQL (powered by OneGraph).
Timeout. Let’s try this again. Tuning timeouts and retries at scale.
09/21/20September 21, 2020(a month ago)
9 min read

Timeout. Let’s try this again. Tuning timeouts and retries at scale.

Matt Wardby Matt Ward
Everyone knows that outages suck. We’re always learning from them. Let's dive into the details of some changes we made to our system that have helped bring us closer to our goal of a perceived 100% uptime.
A screenshot showing a failed CDN request
09/10/20September 10, 2020(2 months ago)
4 min read

Survive CDN failures with Redundant Streams

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Learn how you can use Mux's Redundant Streams feature to make your events more resilient to larger, internet wide service outages, such as CDN failures.
Current Average Bitrate
08/20/20August 20, 2020(2 months ago)
6 min read

New bitrate data to optimize viewing experience across devices

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
One of the important factors in viewing experience is the bitrate that is played on a device. Mux Data now provides a few different ways to view bitrate data collected from viewer streams.
Remote @ Mux
08/17/20August 17, 2020(2 months ago)
6 min read

Remote @ Mux

Jon Dahlby Jon Dahl
Here at Mux, we are implementing a remote-equal policy. This means that employees working in a core office aren't privileged over employees working from smaller offices or from home.
A screenshot of a terminal using the CLI
08/13/20August 13, 2020(2 months ago)
2 min read

Hey look, a Mux CLI

Matthew McClureby Matthew McClure
We released an early version of a CLI that we've been using internally. It makes it easier to upload local assets, along with some signing utilities, and more. We'd love to hear what you think!
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