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New pricing
05/06/21May 6, 2021(3 hours ago)
3 min read

New lower, simplified pricing for Mux Video

Steve Heffernanby Steve Heffernan
We strive to make video simple to use and that applies to pricing too. Today, we’re rolling out updated pricing that removes a layer of complexity and makes it that much easier to use Mux.
Online video is changing and Mux is growing
04/30/21April 30, 2021(6 days ago)
4 min read

Online video is changing and Mux is growing

Jon Dahlby Jon Dahl
We raised some money ! $100M Series D; Coatue, Accel, A16Z; several other great investors, like Cobalt, Dragoneer, and HubSpot Ventures; etc. This would have come as a bit of a surprise to me not too ...
Be the MVP of your live stream: Lessons learned from monitoring the Big Game
04/20/21April 20, 2021(16 days ago)
9 min read

Be the MVP of your live stream: Lessons learned from monitoring the Big Game

Scott KidderJustin Sanfordby Scott & Justin
Maybe you’re not planning an event with millions of concurrent viewers, but our takeaways from monitoring one of the biggest sporting events of the year are applicable to live streams of all sizes.
04/12/21April 12, 2021(24 days ago)
11 min read

Simulacra and Network Virtualization: Does cloud load-balancing work for long-lived TCP streams?

Dmitry Ilyevskyby Dmitry Ilyevsky
While hunting for a pesky live streaming bug, we discovered that virtual load balancers don’t always simulate their physical counterparts the way you might expect.
Oak National Academy screen
04/08/21April 8, 2021(a month ago)
13 min read

How Oak National Academy went from vision to virtual education in 6 days [part 1]

Lynnette NolanPhil Cluffby Lynnette & Phil
Oak National Academy started with a mission to educate virtually in lockdown. 100 million lessons later, they’re providing zero-rated education. Learn about their launch and approach to accessibility.
04/07/21April 7, 2021(a month ago)
2 min read

More control and management capabilities across Mux

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
We’re excited to give all Mux customers an additional layer of control to manage their accounts with Multi-Organization User Access.
04/06/21April 6, 2021(a month ago)
9 min read

Device detection is a journey, not a destination

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
There are multiple analytics products that use device detection for reporting. How hard could it be? Just throw the user agent at a device detection library and off you go. Nope, wrong.
Improved visibility into your users’ experience
04/06/21April 6, 2021(a month ago)
2 min read

Improved visibility into your users’ experience

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
To help you better improve the quality of your viewers’ experience and diagnose and debug issues, we’ve improved device detection to be more accurate. Because video experiences can vary widely by dev ...
04/05/21April 5, 2021(a month ago)
7 min read

Onboarding new hires from home, the office, and everywhere in between

Venus NajeebBecca Axvigby Venus & Becca
Like video, onboarding at a new company is hard. At Mux, we’ve put a lot of thought into onboarding and our goal is to have every new hire fully ramped in 90 days.
Building better docs at Mux with Next.js, Open API, Algolia and SwaggerParser
03/30/21March 30, 2021(a month ago)
13 min read

Building better docs

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
We shipped a shiny new docs site: docs.mux.com . This is the story of why and how we did it. Today, I’m going to talk about some of the usability testing we did that led to that decision, and about h ...
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